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    Green oasis of Grodno region

    Rest in the sanatorium “Porechie” is a complete recovery on the bank of Molochnoye Lake, the cleanest lake in Grodno. Healing microclimate, mineral water, a wide range of medical services contribute to successful treatment and favorable rest at any time of the year.

    The sanatorium “Porechie” is located on a huge (more than 10 hectares) and a well-protected area. The sanatorium is consisted of three dormitories, a medical building, a pool and a dining room. The residential sector is represented by various categories of rooms that meet all the needs of guests. All rooms are modern, provided with hot and cold water and sewage. There are no problems with accommodation for guests physically challenged.

    New 5-time meals are made daily, taking into account the diets P, D, B, V. Vacationers have the opportunity to order what they want.

    Medical base

    The sanatorium “Porechie” works with diseases of the digestive system, musculoskeletal system, connective tissue, endocrine system, respiratory organs and metabolism. Types of treatment are the most diverse: spa capsule, therapeutic baths, mud therapy, phototherapy and much more.  

    Therapeutic baths have a beneficial effect on blood circulation and general muscle tone. The sanatorium offers mud baths, pearl baths, turpentine baths, iodine-bromine baths, pine baths, mineral baths, and also underwater shower-massage. Dry carbon dioxide bath “REABOX” has a special healing effect. It improves oxygen exchange in the tissues and increases the content of carbon dioxide in blood, which leads to acceleration of blood flow and elimination of stagnation, improves gas exchange and ventilation in the lungs.

    Manual massage is carried out by experienced massage therapists of the sanatorium. The procedure leads to the improvement of metabolism in the body at different levels and the stimulation of tissue nutrition.

    In addition, the sanatorium “Porechie” offers various cosmetic services, and such treatment methods as hydropathy, vibrotherapy, stone therapy, testing and assessment of the functional state.

    Leisure activity program

    Vacationers can enjoy not only the quiet life outdoors, but also diversity of  interesting cultural program. Master classes, tournaments in table tennis, darts, karaoke, literary evenings, excursions to Grodno and its theaters, excursion “Old castles of Belarus” Novogrudok - Mir – Nesvizh are organized in addition to other cultural events that are held in the health resort.

    The sanatorium “Porechie” is a great place to relax with the whole family all the year round. Ecologically clean nature is just 30 kilometers from the city!

    Please note that a specialist consultation is required: advertised medical services may have contraindications and adverse reactions.

    Rested with the child in October. Expect the worst. Very beautiful nature. Great respect for the janitors, who daily maintain cleanliness both outside and inside. Marketing works very well. I really enjoyed it. Food is very good.
    We were in the mother and child unit in June. Lived in the main building on the 4th floor in a block room. Food is average, no diversity. Procedures appointed enough and me and child. Everyone else was polite and attentive. Often went to Grodno, minibuses go every 40 minutes, very beautiful city. In Parece very beautiful nature. The sanatorium is good.
    I rested last year. Loved it. Thanks to all the staff of the sanatorium, doctors. Super. I will come again with my granddaughter in 2017
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    Grodno region
    Medical profile
    Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue, Diseases of the digestive organs, Diseases of the respiratory system, Diseases of the endocrine system, Diseases of metabolic disorders
    Lake/river nearby, Swimming pool, Sauna/bathhouse, Children's playground, Shop, Tennis court, Equipped beach, Cinema hall
    Free Wi-fi, Parking available

    Address sanatorium «Porechie»

    Grodno region, Porechye
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